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When purchasing a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery, be it an engagement ring or a gor-geous necklace, bracelet or earrings, you will want to consider the shape of the stone as well.

Diamonds can be shaped into different forms, which will impact the apparent size of the stone, as well as its aesthetic.


This is the most popular diamond shape today; often chosen for engagement rings.

Round, brilliant stones account for over 75% of all diamonds sold, and diamonds with this type of shape are usually cut with 57 facets (33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion). The round shape allows light to disperse from the bottom and out through the top, which further adds to the sparkle of a diamond.

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Second in popularity to the round brilliant cut, princess-cut diamonds offer stunning brilliance and a unique shape. The pointed corners and square shape

that characterise this cut may allow for colour to be slightly visible in its corners,so this is something to keep in mind when searching for a colourless diamond.

This is a contemporary shape that offers a glamorous look and is ideal for a solitaire diamond engagement ring.

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This shape is a twist on the popular round brilliant diamonds. Because of this, oval-cut gems also offer superb fire and brilliance, and their elongated shape can also accentuate long fingers, as well as the size of the stone itself.

With a vintage-inspired aesthetic, oval-cut diamonds are the perfect choice for those who enjoy a classic piece with an elegant shape that complements any wardrobe style.

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Emerald-cut diamonds have long facets and shallow crowns that showcase the clarity and colour of the stone.This style is ideal for those who seek a timeless and elegant appeal, as well as for anyone looking for a larger stone without going over budget, since this cut highlights size very well. It can be easier to see inclusions or colour in emerald- cut diamonds.

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If you’re searching for something different, a marquise-cut diamond can be an excellent option.

This modified version of the round brilliant cut has an elongated shape which enhances the size of the stone and offers a large surface area.

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There are many other diamond shapes to choose from — and which we offer at Banks Lyon — including cushion, pear, asscher, heart and radiant cuts.

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Diamond Jewelry

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